Bienen schmecken Nektar nicht - wegen Imidacloprid

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    >>The two biologists found in their experiments that honey bees treated with a small, single dose of imidacloprid, comparable to what they would receive in nectar, became "picky eaters."

    "In other words, the bees preferred to only feed on sweeter nectar and refused nectars of lower sweetness that they would normally feed on and that would have provided important sustenance for the colony," said Eiri. "In addition, bees typically recruit their nestmates to good food with waggle dances, and we discovered that the treated bees also danced less."

    The two researchers point out that honey bees that prefer only very sweet foods can dramatically reduce the amount of resources brought back to the colony. Further reductions in their food stores can occur when bees no longer communicate to their kin the location of the food source.<<
    aus: http://www.innovations-report.…_picky_eaters_196051.html

    Da braucht sich niemand wundern, wenn die Honigräume leer bleiben, wenn die Bienen durch Imidacloprid mehr oder weniger den Geschmack verlieren und so nur heftig zuckrige Trachten finden und betanzen.

    Einfach nur unheimlich, wie all diese Fakten IGNORIERT werden.