Buchtipp: Honey and Dust

  • Mal wieder ein Buchtipp für Inglestans und Brithishers von mir:roll:.
    Doch wer imkert und gerne reist, wird seinen Gefallen finden an den Beschreibungen eines "Zivilisten" auf der Suche nach den besten Honigen.


    After being seriously injured in a hit-and-run, Piers Moore Ede goes to an organic farm in Italy to recuperate. There, a beekeeper shows him the magic of the beehive and Piers, depressed since his accident, realises that honey might be his salve and salvation. This is the story of his quest to seek out the most wondrous honeys in the world, from the terracotta bee jars of the Lebanon to the clay cylinders of Syria. Slowly his personal tribulations fall into perspective against the backdrop of the dwindling traditions of the honey-farmers. Hunting wild honey from cliffs with Gurung tribesmen in Nepal, and in vast jungle trees with Veddah tribesmen in Sri Lanka, Piers draws close to the very origins of life.

    Zitat aus dem Buch:


    I had discovered that beekeeping is an insular world, with its own habits and customs, somewhat resistant to outsiders. I had also discovered that there are two seperate schools of beekeepers, as there are in life itself: those who think with the left half of the brain and those who think with the right. Eva Crane was a consumate left-brainer: logical, rational and analytical. Gunter on the other hand, was, to the same degree, a right brainer: holistic, subjective and intuitive. I would meet both sorts on the road ahead.

    Gruß Molle



    To all of us then. And may the penis of George Bush shrivel to the size of a chickpea.


    „ Wir können weiter sehen als unsere Ahnen und in dem Maß ist unser Wissen größer als das ihrige und doch wären wir nichts, würde uns die Summe ihres Wissens nicht den Weg weisen.“